RallyCross Car Rally in Florida

Revo Rally is proud to talk about RallyCross. It is one of the most well-known and well-established motorsport in America and a rally that one of our admins participate in every single year. In RallyCross, you will have to drive your car down roads with surfaces that aren’t smooth or paved. The route is rough, with no traffic cones or stops signs. It is more risky and dangerous than regular car rallies and perfect for vehicles with more aggressive setups. Otherwise, RallyCross Florida is naturally no different than any Florida car rally. For the people who like cars and racing, RallyCross has become quite popular in Florida. People with the tendency to seek thrills and adventures will find RallyCross to be an adventure in itself.

There are three different levels of RallyCross

  • Regional
  • SCCA RallyCross National Challenge
  • SCCA RallyCross National Championship

Moreover, the three different classes of RallyCross are:

  • Stock
  • Prepared Category
  • Modified Category (ADMIN PICK!)

How do I get into RallyCross?

If you want to participate in a RallyCross car rally, all you need is a working registered vehicle and license. The registration fee is considerably less than other rallies around America. Rallycross occurs almost everywhere. All you need to do is keep your eyes and ears open to know when the next rallycross will happen in your area. You do not need to register beforehand. You can go to the location of the rallycross event and register on the spot. For RallyCross in Florida, you can check out organizations like Florida International Rally and Motorsport Park that hold such events. You can find out everything you need to know about Florida RallyCross in those organizations. There you will learn about Florida RallyCross tracks and Florida RallyCross Results.

While all of these dates have passed except for one, here is a snapshot of their rally schedule for 2021. Lots of great spots were rallied at this year and will be visited next year as well.

  • St. Lucie County Fairgrounds – May 22
  • The FIRM – Starke, FL – June 26
  • St. Lucie County Fairgrounds – July 17
  • St. Lucie County Fairgrounds – August 14
  • St. Lucie County Fairgrounds – September 18
  • The FIRM – Starke, FL – October 09
  • St. Lucie County Fairgrounds – November 06
Formula E Racing

So How Does Revo Rally Fit Into All Of This Rallycross Stuff?

Revo rally was started by guys who love to drive. Our admins, partners, employees, affiliates, lawyers, etc. are all people who just love this stuff and we have decided to come together to launch our own friendly team of drivers who will cover some of the most amazing roads not usually travelled by other rally companines. Rallycross of Florida is a favorite among one of our admins and he felt it absolutely necessary that we cover them here on this website and pay them their dues so there it is 🙂  

Discover the ultimate driving experience! Exotic Car Rally event with 100 other like-minded SuperCar enthusiasts. The Revo Road Rally Journey begins with a pre-party and early morning launch event. Driving per day can range from 4-8 hours limited to destination logistics. Revo Road Rally Guarantees you will drive over 900 miles minimum on your smallest adventure! Complimentary car washes, concierge services, 4-5 star resorts, luggage services, amazing driving, and more, that is Revo Rally.

How Much Can You Make Rally Racing?

The salary of racing drivers is an interesting factor here and certainly does not apply to every rally adventure. While both rally and rallycross racing are almost similar because of their image in society, both parties’ drivers are drastically different. Depending upon the sponsors and other economic factors, the drivers’ salaries vary. Given below are an approximation of salaries Rally drivers and RallyCross drivers made in 2020.

An approximate annual salary of RallyCross Drivers:

  • Most Earned Drivers – $119, 500 ; $57/hour
  • 75th Percentile Drivers – $74, 000 ; $36/hour
  • Average – $57, 010 ; $27/hour
  • 25th Percentile – $31, 000 ; $15/hour

An approximate annual salary of Rally Drivers:

  • Most Earned Drivers – $2.5 million
  • 75th Percentile Drivers – $1 million
  • Average – $500, 000
  • 25th Percentile – $350, 000

How Much Travel do Rally Cars Have?

Rally cars typically pack at least 600 hp (horsepower). Moreover, the usual rally cars wheel travel is about 8″ while they are bound to follow the City, County, State, and Country’s speed limit, driving, and road policies. A rally consists of a minimum of several stops, typically more than 5. The total length distance can be 31 miles or above. The rally or race structures vary depending on the type.

Stock Car Racing
Formula 1 Racing

How Long Does a Rally Race Last?

RallyCross last for over two days. Each race has four laps, six laps in semi and finals. On the other hand, the Rally can last for approximately four days, depending upon how long the route is.

Where Is Rally Racing Most Popular?

RallyCross racing is a relatively established motorsport in the USA and up and coming in the Florida state. However, it isn’t exactly as big of a sport as it is in some other parts of the world.

Here is a list of some of the most famous RallyCross roads around the world:

  • Ouninpohja, Finland
  • Sete Cidades, Azores Rally, Portugal
  • Rally Wales GB
  • Mystery Creek, Rally New Zealand
  • Vargasen, Rally Sweden
  • El Condor, Rally Argentina
  • Rally Chile
  • Panzerplatte, Rally Deutschland

Final Thoughts

RallyCross Florida rally is an exciting and thrilling sports event. If you like racing and love cars, then give one of these rally events a try. Our Revo Rally chief admin LOVES it! Of course, you will have to be careful about your safety and take all precautions. Following the laws of driving and the roads is one of the fundamental essentials of rally racings. If you live in Florida, don’t wait and reach out to the RallyCross organizers. Participate and be part of an exciting journey and adventure that RallyCross Florida will provide you. Of course, don’t forget to put your safety first.