The fact is – after soccer, racing games are attaining extensive popularity slowly but surely. Besides enjoying the other traditional outdoor games like football and basketball, people nowadays are turning their eyeballs to racing games as well.

And some of these constantly search for the most famous race in the world to play. Especially the small country Monaco got massive fame by arranging extremely popular racing events.

Another interesting fact is, you will find extensive diversity in the types of racing games. And each of these has a different fanbase. So It’s pretty obvious that you are one of them, as you landed on this article intentionally.

Now the question is – which one is great? Let’s find the appropriate answer together.

What is The Most Famous Race in The World?

The honest and straightforward answer is – we can’t mention one particular name in this case. Instead, we need a list to put multiple names in it!

Because throughout the research what we came to know – the names of the famous car races that we’re going to mention below are equally popular in different places. And all of these have different fanbases.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the list!

  • The 24 Hours of Le Mans (Le Mans)
  • Dakar (rally raid)
  • Monaco Grand Prix (F1)
  • Daytona 500 (NASCAR)
  • Rally Finland (WRC)
  • Indy 500 (IndyCar)
  • 24 Hours Nurburgring (touring and GT cars)
  • Isle of Man Tourist Trophy (moto)

The eight names that we have been compelled to put are the world’s most popular auto racing in the world. And interestingly, some of these are dangerous to play and, at the same time, extremely famous auto races in the world.

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What is The Biggest Car Race in America?

In America, motor racing was first initiated in 1895. From its inception till today, many types of motor racing have been invented. From the diversified collection, some of these are popular enough as well.

Among all of these, Daytona 500 is the most popular one in America!
Especially in North America, many international car racing events are arranged. Why is this so popular? Before digging out the answer, let’s know something about Daytona 500.

How To Play Daytona 500?

Slowly and slyly, the human attention span is getting reduced. Enjoying any particular game for the whole day is monotonous for some people. Considering this, In 2021, some rules and regulations have been modified regarding playing Daytona 500.

The rules are simple to play Daytona 500. This is basically a 500-mile race where the speedway is about 2.5miles long. As a racer, you’ll have 200 laps in total to complete the entire race.

But these rules had been changed several times. Take a look at the following words from where you will get to know how the rules were in which particular year.

Since The Inception – 1959

  • Speedway: 2 Miles
  • Total Laps: 100 Laps
  • Total Distance: 200 Miles

1959 – 2016

  • Speedway: 2.5 Miles
  • Total Laps: 100 Laps
  • Total Distance: 250 Miles

2017 – 2019

  • Speedway:  Unknown
  • Total Laps: 120 Laps
  • Total Distance: 300 Miles

Why Daytona 500 is So Famous In America?

As we have mentioned before, in the North-America, this particular race is extremely popular. Even for some Americans, this is the most famous race in the world. The question is – what are the reasons behind it?

As far as our research knowledge goes regarding this, we have found the following reasons to be considered. Have a look!

  • NASCAR’s Recognition: According to NASCAR, Daytona 500 is the most prestigious racing game ever created in car racing history. And this recognition helped this particular race to get tremendous hype among the North Americans.
  • Unique Qualifying: Compared to the other racing games available on the NASCAR calendar, this particular racing game made its difference by its unique qualifying property.
  • Legendary Stories: Unlike any other racing game, there are many tragic stories in the history of the Daytona 500. Since the inception of its journey, Daytona 500 introduced many legend drivers to the world who created many milestones in Daytona’s history. Many legend drivers lose their for car wrecking while racing.
  • The Most Expensive Race: Daytona 500 is the most expensive car event ever that NASCAR arranges. And on television Daytona is regarded as the #1 motorsports event on television. This incident compelled the big advertisers to turn their eyeballs to Daytona 500. And the race started to get millions of dollars sponsorship.
  • Media Coverage: Though Daytona 500 never took any initiative to get promoted on television or newspaper, it got massive coverage on the media for its own hype. Using its fame, media channels started to earn their valuable TRP. It’s been estimated that in 2017 this particular game got around 23.3 million viewers in total.
  • Unique Differences: This racing is the only racing game in the world that requires restrictor plates to set in the cars. This plate was introduced for safety purposes where it can reduce engine power and car acceleration.

Some Famous International Car Races

Not only Daytona is the only racing game that is the most popular game in the world. We already have mentioned 8 names, and all of these are extremely popular. But there are some other games that we can consider putting into the list.

  • The Grand Prix
  • Rally
  • Monter Carlo
  • 1000 Lakes
  • Formula E
  • Drag Racing
  • Indianapolis 500
  • Europian Grand Prix 
  • Gumball 3000

Some other popular car racing competitions are arranged almost every year. And almost all of these got tremendous engagement from the audiences.

Wrapping Up

At the end of the discussion, what we can say, there is no one particular game that you can consider as the most famous race in the world.

In the list, you’ll have to put multiple names. But from the crowd, Daytona 500 is the game that has attained the dominating position in terms of popularity.

At the very end line of this discussion, what you can consider – if you decide to participate in at least one particular car racing game, in that case – Daytona 500 is the game!