People who love motorsports, always very fascinated by car rallies. Most of them dream of building a rally car. Some people prefer to have their own build car for their car rally. But building a car for the car rally is not as easy as it sounds like. Have you ever wondered how much does it cost to build a car for a car rally?

The answer is, the price will depend on your building material and process. But if you want to start from scratch, it will cost you around $15,000 if someone wants to use their car in a competition like WRC. Of course, it will cost you more than that.

So, in this writing, we will know how much does a rally car costs and a precise cost breakdown. Keep reading the entire article for more.

Building a Car for the Rally

Sometimes, you may wonder why would you build a rally car that requires so much effort and money. Firstly, you need to know why do you want to join a car rally. And the level of modification or building will depend on your competition level. Most people want to join a car rally just for fun and adventures.

Then again, it would help if you had certain regulations to meet. You at least need to build your car as competitive for the race. Then the safety features will come. Because in a race or car rally, the safety feature is essential for your car.


How Much Does a Rally Car Cost: Rally Car Building Budget

Sometimes, people who are planning to join a car rally may get confused about the budget of building a rally car. The budget for any rally car can be different depending on the level of your competition. Usually, the budget will include buying a car, costs for Seats and Fittings, costs for equipment, and many more. A brief explanation of those costs are given in the following:

Buying a Car

The first and foremost thing you need to do is to buy a car. Sometimes, you may get confused, whether you should buy a car or you will use your existing car. If you are planning to buy a new car, then the cost and budget will usually increase. And the cost will be much more dependent on your variation and criteria.

Sometimes, depending on your competitive level, the requirements are usually so high. That is why you can’t use your regular used car. You may need to buy a new car. When you buy a new car, you also need to make sure of the safety features. It is because the safety features in a car rally matter a lot. You also need to keep a budget for the additional safety features.

Rally Car Roll Cages

Roll cages in a rally car are one of the essential parts that you cannot ignore. No matter how expensive your rally car is. If your car does not have a roll cage, you may not be qualifying for the car rally because safety and protection are always in the first place.

Roll cages will protect you and your co-driver when the car will roll-up. And there are various types of roll cages for your car. An average setting for roll cages may cost you around $4000. Along with the roll cages, you also need to have at least one or two fire extinguishers. And those fire extinguishers will cost you around 50-100 dollars.

Rally car Seats and Fittings

Not only the safety equipment, but you also need to focus on the seats and fitting. Generally, for a car rally, you just need to maintain a standard of seats and fittings. Good seats and fitting will help you a lot to save the weight of your car.

Not only that, it is always recommended for you to use proper rail for your car. Generally, for two standard-level seats, you may need to spend around $1500-2000. And the other costing will go for the rail and essential fittings.


The Cost of a WRC Car

A professional-level car-like WRC car will cost you much more than a regular car because WRC cars are mainly built for a high level of competition. And seats of the cars, roll case, fitting and everything is so well maintained in those cars. So that is why that car costs you much higher than a regular car.

The cost is always significantly more than other cars. There are some reasons behind it. First and foremost is the expensive car machine that costs you around $1 million. Sometimes people want to convert their sports cars with hybrid technology for more power. Likewise, it would help if you kept in mind that the other parts and technology will cost you more for a WRC car.

Final Thoughts

Building your own car for a car rally can be fascinating and stressful at the same time because you need to deal with a lot of things. If you are planning to modify your old car, you at least need to have a standard budget for it.

If you want the overall performance-boosting, you may need to go for a good car engine and spare parts. In that car, the cost will gradually increase. Therefore, it is always wise to research before building a car for a car rally. So you can get the best value of your budget. Hopefully, this writing helped you to know the basic costs of a rally car.