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Let’s be honest – when you see a Ferrari rally car floating around social media, it surely catches your attention. Why not? After all, it’s Italian excellence that the rest of the world can only dream of.Since the first day of Ferrari was introduced, it has been involved in many motorsports. Ferrari has been competing in different categories through its Scuderia Ferrari sporting division.

One day someone from Maranello decided to turn an expensive Italian exotic into a full-body rally car. Perhaps, the purpose here was to change the course and entering the world of rallying. The concept was too fascinating.
However, Ferrari’s approach to entering the rally was somewhat different. They started by modifying a series of Ferrari 308 rally GTB models. The updated Ferrari was not an actual Ferrari, instead of a custom-built, tube-frame chassis.
If you are interested in Ferrari’s exotic rally racing, you’ve come to the right place. There is a lot you need to know. Let’s get started.

Ferrari Rally Car Stories

We will talk about the Ferrari models that have participated in the different motor sporting events. This giant car-making company built over 200 road-going vehicles, and all are made with necessary regulations.

Ferrari 308 GTB Rally Car

With the blessing of Ferrari, Michelotto (an independent firm) built four Ferrari 308 GTBs to group B in the early 1980s. However, Michelotto was an expert in transforming road-going Ferrari’s into racing cars.
Ferrari’s specialized engineers were involved in Michelotto’s team. Among four Ferrari 308 rally cars, three Ferrari 308s were built with QV 4-valve engines. The engines were capable of producing 310bhp at 8000rpm.
However, the first Group B 308 used a 288bhp 2-valve motor. Due to the steel body panels, the updated Ferrari 308 was 30kg heavier. These four Ferrari 308s were built during the winter of 1982/1983. Michelotto constructed these fantastic machines to participate in different European Group B rally events.

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Ferrari 360 Rally Car

The Ferrari 360 is a mid-engine, two-seater, rear-wheel sports car. It was manufactured from 1999 to 2005. Moreover, Ferrari Modena is a rally car that was extensively reworked.
This model was aimed to compete in Ferrari’s racing series called “Ferrari Challenge.” The 360 Modena has 416 PS power at 8500 RPM.

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Ferrari 288 GTO Rally Car

In WRC, Ferrari 308 GTB was failed to bring the desired success. During that time, brands like Audi, Peugeot, and Lancia continue to rise to new heights. So, Ferrari came up with Ferrari 288 rally car to compete with the popularity of these brands.
This new beast, Ferrari 288 GTO, was established to compete in group-B racing. It was made based on a mid-engine Ferrari 308 GTB model. Unlike the 308 rally car, the maximum engine capacity of 208 GTO was 3997cc.
Ferrari 208 GTO was made in mid-1984. They have manufactured around 200 units. After that, 208 GTO was officially approved in Group B on 1st June 1985.

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What is a Exotics Rally Racing?

Exotics rally is a New York-based organization that hosts lots of driving and racing events each year. The organization has launched the concept in 2007. Since then, they have organized the most exclusive exotic car rallies and events throughout the NY state.
Dozens of exotics rally racing take place every year, including private track days, charity runs, and more exciting events. You can also join the fun in many ways.

What Are the Rules of Exotics Rally Racing?

Driving on an open road lets you enjoy the scenic landscape behind the wheel. The exotics rally racing gives this chance to enjoy the adventure but from within the rules. There are rules regarding speed limits, scenic routes for keeping everyone safe.
Exotics road rallies are scenic drives that are planned with safety in mind. The participants have to follow the predetermined routes instructed by the hosting organization. There are more generic rules, such as:

  • The participant must be at least 18 years old.
  • All exotic racing drivers must have a driving license.
  • Each participant must have a valid and legal vehicle registration.
  • The participant must be sober while operating the vehicle.
  • The participant shall get and maintain insurance covering the participation in the event.

How Much does Exotics Rally Cost?

The entry fee varies for events. Rally entrance fee for an amateur rally racer generally ranges from $500 to $1000. However, paying only $1000 may not give you the fun needed. You may need to pay extra to enjoy the events. Let’s say more than $10000 at least.
You need to pay $15000 to join as a team of two for the entire rally. Also, there are events where you may need to pay more than $20000.

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How to Join Ferrari Rally?

Motor racing, performance cars are at the heart of Ferrari. If you have a Ferrari, you can experience exciting motorsport events driving your own one. Elsewise, if you don’t have one, you can still enjoy the exhilaration.
You can get the chance to drive new models when your join the event. Of course, there will be an instructor to help you drive it in its best way. A lot of racing events are organized by different organizations or Ferrari itself.
The most popular among them are:
• Ferrari Challenge
• Competizioni GT
• XX Programme
• F1 Clienti
• Corso Pilots, etc.
Each event allows mixing with passionate Ferrari owners. You can join the event by registering on the official Ferrari website. Also, you can contact the Ferrari dealer.

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Final Words

Needless to say, the first few creations of Ferrari rally cars were either uncompetitive or build at the wrong time. The Ferrari 308 GTB lets the Ferrari enjoy the taste for rallying. After that, Michelotto has prepared cars in Group B that continue to race across Europe.
And, now? There are more bold and successful models. All have been widely accepted and thus entered the world of top-level rallying. It is worth remembering what extent Ferrari went to their rallying events and how they came close to success.