Exotics Rally

Exotics rally is a racing event that is held all around the year, both publicly and privately. It is basically hosted by different event companies with the aim to create a fun car experience for exotic car owners.

To simply state, a collection of varied exotics cars took part in the rally, with each car having a driver and co-driver that drives down several miles on the selected areas. The management team fixes the miles, time, and location where the rally will take place.
However, the minimum day for the rally is at least 4 days with 900 miles. And, the maximum is 12 days with several thousand miles. This classic cars rally is like an adventure trip. It has the full power to refresh your mind and body as you get to compete and see top-notch cars all around the world.

What is Exotics Rally Racing?

Exotics rally is one of the most breathtaking events that is organized every year between the elected exotics cars only. Over 100 applicants can participate in this grand rally each year by doing the registration. But to get selected, there are some vital criteria’s that you need to meet. Otherwise, it is of no use to do the registration.
As I said before, only the exotics cars can take part in the rally. No other car brand other than the exotics ones cannot even register, let alone participating. The main aim of participating in this type of rally is to have a fun and adventurous moment with your branded exotic cars.
On the other hand, the main goal of arranging these rallies is to bring together a wide range of exotic car models. Also, to showcase them to the audience at a time. The amount of money earned from this rally is spent on organizing the next year. So, there is no chance of any imperfection. And with each year, it just gets upgraded with new and unique features compared to the previous events. In most cases, a large portion of the money goes to the charity firm as a donation.
All the events contain various sponsorship, media attractions, and limelight coverage. These are broadcasted to each corner of the world. Hence, performing better will grab the audience’s eyes. In no time, you can also get famous globally along with getting a handsome cash prize to your name. So what can you want more, right?

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How to Attend an Exotics Rally?

To witness and be a part of a team of exotics rallies is enough to create goosebumps on one’s skin. In fact, it is a cherished dream of almost everyone. But how to be part of these exciting events?
Due to the lack of knowing the correct procedure, many people fail to be a part of these spectacular events. Let me help you by telling you the exact things that you need to follow for attending a rally of the world-class exotics cars from all around the world:


The first and foremost job of yours is to visit the organizer’s website to participate as a contestant in the rally racing of exotics cars. Here you will find all the information with details about which step to follow when. But before seeing these go through the rules for exotics car rally racing and check your eligibility as a contestant. They may ask you questions like your age, income source, exotic car model, monthly or annual income, etc.
You just need to follow the instructions as directed. If they find you eligible, they will either confirm or reject you by verifying all the things based on their policy.

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For attending the exotic car rally as a spectator, the 1st job is to visit the organizer’s website. Here, you will find the dates of all the upcoming rally events with their date and location at an option labeled as “View Events.” For directly buying the events’ tickets, you will find another option labeled as “Buy Tickets.” You can buy as many tickets as you want till the limit of the audience is fulfilled. Furthermore, you can also pre-order the tickets if you want.


There is no refund of the money if, for any reason, you cannot attend the rally.  But if the organizer cancels it, then they will definitely refund you.

What Are the Rules of Exotics Rally Racing?

Many people often confuse the rally as the same as car racing. Hence, first, understand that both are two different things. In racing, the participants compete with each other, and several people bet on the racing cars.
On the other hand, there is no competition among the rally participants, for which there is no scope of any bet, at least legally. The number 1 rule of the rally is to drive safely down the road. And to be respectful and careful about the audience and all the other participants.
However, you ought to follow some terms and conditions for partaking in the rally. If you even lack 1 requirement, then you will be considered ineligible. Hence check the below-listed rules of the exotics car rally racing to see if you are eligible or not to participate:

Rules as follow:

  • The participant’s age must be more than 21 years
  • Need to have a unique and legally registered exotic car under your name
  • Cannot have a record of any serious illness or drug addictions
  • Must be fit both physically and mentally absolutely
  • Cannot take any such medicine that may intoxicate one
  • Cannot take any banned drugs or medicines that can put the other participants and the audience’s lives in danger
  • Must have a personal legal and clean driving license
  • During the rally, it is strictly prohibited to cut off other cars and drive down on the roads’ shoulders. These can put the general public and contestants at risk
  • Your driving must meet all the terms of the city, state, and country laws, such as speed protocols, road rules, the safety of the vehicle, vehicle registration laws, insurance rules, etc

If you don’t meet any 1 of the above-listed criteria, you will be deemed ineligible. So participate based on the criteria list. Otherwise, it is of no use except for your valuable time waste.

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How Much does Exotics Rally Cost?

The cost of an exotic rally differs based on the direction of the road, time, and miles. The location plays the most crucial factor in the rally pricing as it needs to be set beforehand. Besides, each area comes with a different type of cost. With all of these, there is also an entry charge that you need to pay upon doing the registration.
In the upcoming months of 2021, 4 rallies are routed and planned out for you. Among the 4 events, the dates of 2 events are finalized. In contrast, the rest 2 events have only declared the month and are yet to declare the exact date. Below is a list of the 4 upcoming events with their date, location, and cost:

Kentucky Outlaw

1. Kentucky Outlaw

It is a 4-days event that will take place from June 17 to June 21 in Pineville, Kentucky, West Virginia. This event will cost you a total of 2,500 dollars.

Kentucky Outlaw

2. East Coast Madness

The second event on our list consists of 12 days. It will start in the Atlantic City and will end its journey on Marco Island, Florida. This event is hoped to be the largest event of the year and will be held from July 30 to August 11. Depending on your service, the expense may vary from 3,850 dollars to 11 495 dollars.

Kentucky Outlaw


The probable month of this event is September. It will start its journey from the sin city to park city vail with finally ending at Denver C. It will cost you a total of 11, 495 dollars.

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Kentucky Outlaw

4. Over The Falls

The last one is expected to be held in October with starting the glorious journey from the great Niagra lakes to lake George. And, then finally, to the beautiful Boston to end its epic journey. The expense of this one will cost around 11, 495 dollars.
All the events come in a package and have no refund if you cannot attend at the last moment due to any unavoidable circumstances.
The package includes the following things:

    • Each day is filled with an exciting driving experience with a minimum of 900 miles distance
    • Accommodation made at 5-star hotels and resorts only
    • Launch party with open bars with other surprises
    • Luggage facility
    • Late night parties and events based on demands
    • VIP access to nightclub entries
    • Labels and sticker on the cars
    • Free car washes by experts (Daily)
    • Photos clicked by famous photographers
    • Handsome and mindblowing giveaway prizes
    • Various collection of food items with all types of drink facilities
    • Massive crowd and media coverage

Below is a list of the things that the package will not cover, so you need to bear these expenses:

    • Gas for your rally car
    • Any extra food or item that you want
    • The shipping cost of your car
    • The airfare and transportation cost from the starting to the end destination of the rally.

Moreover, you can become an elite member by just paying an additional charge of 1000 dollars. Along with the membership, you will get to enjoy the below benefits:

    • You will get a discount of 15% on all types of rally events.
    • You will be the first to get notified regarding all the upcoming events so that you don’t get missed out on any events
    • You will get a window lettering (2″ side) of 850 dollars.

What is the Fastest Exotics Rally Car?

Exotic cars denote the most luxurious and expensive cars in the world. Below is a list of the top 5 fastest exotics car. These cars are making everyone stunned and startled every time they have driven around:

1. McLaren Senna

It is number 1 on the list due to its monstrous speed of 208 mph within 2.7 seconds from its standstill position. It weighs around 3000 pounds and has a 789-horsepower, 4.0-liter twin-turbo V-8 engine, and seven-speed dual-clutch transmission to its name.
This masterpiece comes with a starting price tag of 1,000,000 dollars.

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2. Ferrari F8 Tributo

The second one on our list is none other than everyone’s favorite Ferrari F8 Tributo. It has a power-pack speed of 211 mph with a dazzling twin-turbo V-8, 710 horsepower, and 590 lb-ft of force.
This genius comes with a starting price tag of 2,75,580 dollars.

3. Aston Martin DBS Superleggera

The third one on our list is Aston Martin DBS Superleggera. It has a fast pace of 211 mph with an incredible twin-turbo 5.2 liter V-12, 715 horsepower, and 664 lb-ft of force to its rear wheels.
This mastermind comes with a starting price tag of 3,08,081 dollars.

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4. Ferrari 812 Superfast

This monster comes with a speed of 211 mph along with a 6.5-liter engine, 789 horsepower, and 590 lb-ft of force.
This beauty comes with a starting price tag of 3,35,275 dollars.

5. McLaren 720S

This one has the ability to increase its speed to 212 mph within 2.7 seconds from 60 mph. All thanks to its horsepower that has a power of 710.
This masterwork comes with a starting price tag of 3,01,500 dollars.

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How Dangerous is Exotics Rally Racing?

All types of competitive sports like cars, motorbikes, planes, and even boats have a certain range of risks linked with them. Similarly, a rally is no exception.
Many of us have a misconception that rallies are not dangerous as like car racing as there is no competition among the participants. Well, this is right, but to only some extent. Now the question to you is if you get a free road, you will undoubtedly try to increase your speed, Right?
Something like that occurs with the rally drivers: to show the speed or desire to increase the pace or overtake another car. They often drive harshly, which may result in a fatal mishap.
Although it is not as harsh as car racing still it is also not less. The rally is done with at least 20 to more than 400 participants.
No matter how much organized and thoroughly the management team takes the preparation and prevention, the accident still occurs. And when a mishap takes place, the results are very shocking and fatal. You can be clear from a rally accident that took place in Spain:
At least 10 people were severely injured in that rally accident, with 6 people killed with a pregnant woman. A 9-year old girl was on the death list.
Hence, an exotic rally is also dangerous and life-threatening, and the result can be fatal as like car racing accidents also.

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Final Thoughts

Exotics rally is something that will undoubtedly give you a breathtaking experience. As from this rally, you get to witness the top-notch exotic cars from all around the world. The thought of these moments is enough to make one thrilled.
Hence if you are a fan of exotic cars, then don’t miss out on the chance of being a part of the great exotic car rally racing events. It will be totally worth each penny and time. If somehow you perform better and get famous by being a participant in that rally, none can stop you from becoming successful and famous. Cause you will get the total media coverage globally.