revo rally


October 14-18
This is a 2 Part Event. You can choose to start in New Jersey or in Kentucky. Beware of the Dragon. Drive Your Exotic car through some of the coolest towns in the Kentucky’s Appalachia Mountain region. This 4-day event starts in Pineville Kentucky.  You will enjoy some amazing roads and scenic views on this epic adventure.  Revo Rally will proceed to  Kentucky Dragon. We have state closed roads and amazing events planned. Revo Road Rally rate includes all accommodations for its members and co-pilot. The adventure of driving all day and relaxing with amazing friends at night. Nothing beats the rally life.

Kentucky, West Virginia

Limited to 15 cars due to hotel availability.

March 2022


This Revo Road Rally Largest Event of the year! This Epic Madness will be Starting in the beautiful Atlantic City, NJ. This 10-day journey will end in Marco Island, Florida. Along the way, we will explore the East Coast as a group. We will be driving over 2000 miles on this insane road warrior’s journey to the south. Revo Rally will be providing you with special surprises throughout this long epic road trip. Be ready to drive your Exotic Car like it wants to be driven. ONLY ON THE REVO RALLY!

Coming in 2022

Date = TBD

Niagra Falls-Lake George- Boston

his glorious event will start in the magnificent historical landmark of Niagra Falls, NY. Revo Rally will enjoy a day and evening near the falls. The rally will venture off to the beautiful Lake George area while enjoying some of New York States’ best roads. This event will end with an epic journey around the Boston Metro area. Here the Revo Rally will bring back the Party for the last night. Revo Rally provides the best food and drinks in town for all its members. Car Shipping Available Inquire Within
The journey from the historical landmark of Niagra Falls. We will be traveling to Lake George while taking in a look at the season changes. this event will end in Boston.

Coming 2022

vegas – park city – denver

 Sin City to Park city Vail ending in Denver C. Take in scenic mountain views and amazing landscapes as we make our way on this Fantastic Adventure.

Don’t Miss out

San Francisco

1235 Divi St. #1000
San Francisco, Ca 19341

Los Angeles

1275 Extra Road #2172
Los Angeles, Ca 40629

New York

18234 Monarch Ave.
New York, NY 13434

running of the bulls