Corsa America Rally

One of the largest exotic car rallies in North America is the Corsa Rally. Many Revo Rally staff members drive on the Corsa Rally routes each year and we love it! The locations chosen the drives are incredible, the people driving are amazing, and the experiences gained are unforgettable. Any looking to jump in on a Corsa Rally will not regret it.

What is a Corsa rally?

Corsa America Rally is the largest and the most exotic sports car rally that takes place every year in America. Around 400 participants or vehicles take part in this Rally every year.


How much does the Corsa rally cost?

The pricing of a Corsa America Rally differs depending on the route you will take and the Rally distance. The places through which you will go is also an important factor when it comes to the prices. Besides that, there is an entry fee that you will have to pay upon registration. For 2021, all Corsa Rally events are sold out at the time of this writing. Many last minute cancellations come so stay tuned over on their website.

On the other hand, Revo Rally has events planned out for times where Corsa is unavailable so head on over to the EVENTS page to see when and where!