Corsa America Rally

Rally is a type of motorsport that is held all-year-round both publicly and privately. To simply put, a bunch of cars with a driver and a co-driver in each car drives down on whatever roads the Rally is held in. The roads can be closed roads, built-in roads, gravel surfaces, snow-covered grounds, and anything under the sun.

What is a Corsa rally?

Corsa America Rally is the largest and the most exotic sports car rally that takes place every year in America. Around 400 participants or vehicles take part in this Rally every year.


How much does the Corsa rally cost?

The pricing of a Corsa America Rally differs depending on the route you will take and the Rally distance. The places through which you will go is also an important factor when it comes to the prices.
Besides that, there is an entry fee that you will have to pay upon registration.
In 2021, Corsa America Rally 5 rallies are routed and planned out for you. While three of them are already sold out, you still can sign up for two.
The first is Corsa Run: Florida, which will be held from August 13 to August 16. You will start in Tampa, then go to Miami. From there, you will head out to Key Largo– the finishing point.

Pricing for the Florida Rally are as follows:

  • King Bed: $2395
  • Double Beds: $2395
  • VIP Suite Package: $3250

Pricing also includes:

  • Four days and three nights at 5 starts beach resorts. You also get an entrance to the exclusive private club, Ocean Reef.
  • Two lunches and one breakfast inclusive
  • VIP Access to Nightlife
  • Drive for a total of 900+ miles
  • Have police escorts and secured parking
  • Enjoy rally swag and media attention
  • 3M 2080 Ultra-Premium Livery Decals
  • Enjoy up to 15% off airfare at Delta Airlines
  • More surprises will be announced during the Rally

The other available Rally is Corsa Run: Vail to Vegas. This will be held from October 22 to 24, and the starting point is in Vail. You will then go to Park City and then head out to Las Vegas – the finishing point.

Pricing for the Vail to Las Vegas Rally are as follows:

  • King Bed: $2195
  • Double Beds: $2195
  • VIP Suite Package: $3295

Everything that is included in the Florida pricing is included in this Rally too. However, remember that no refund or compensation of entry if you cannot participate last minute due to some unavoidable issue.
You can become an Elite Member of Corsa America Rally by paying $1000. The benefits you will enjoy as a member are as follows:

  • You will get 15% off all US rallies
  • You will get $1000 off Corsa Europa Rally
  • From sponsorship costs, you will get 15% off
  • Enjoy several more discounts from Corsa sponsors
  • You will have a free entrance ticket to all events of Festival of Speed Rally enhancements
  • The annual Corsa Rally, even held every spring is only for exclusive members, and you will be invited too

If you are curious about who are sponsors of Corsa American Rally, then check out the list below.

Platinum Tier

  • Prestige Imports
  • Premier Financial Services
  • The Motor Enclave
  • Down Force
  • Fabspeed Motorsport



Gold Tier

    • The Ritz-Carlton
    • DuPont Registry
    • E11EVEN Miami
    • Omnia Nightclub
    • Jewel Nightclub
    • Hakkasan Group
    • Mph Club
    • Eurofed
    • Naples Motorsports

Bronze Tier

    • Dimmitt Automotive Group
    • Designs by Mophead
    • Ultimate Auto
    • Manhattan Motorcars
    • Certified Motors
    • CMSA Advertising
    • Velocity Motorcars, LLC
    • Jaded Boutique
    • Nardo

What are the rules of super car rally racing?

The first and foremost rule many people confuse with and are not aware of rally racing is that it isn’t the same as car racing. In Rally, you do not compete with anyone. It isn’t a race. You cannot place bets on rally cars either, at least not legally. It is crucial to drive safely and be respectful and cautious about the public and other participants.

Furthermore, some conditions will not make you a suitable participant for a rally. If you have any of the following issues, then you are not considered to be eligible.

    • All participants must be over the age of 21
    • If you have any illness
    • If you don’t get enough rest before the Rally
    • If you’re under any medication that might intoxicate you
    • If you take any illegal substances, that is bound to put you, other participants, and the general public in the way of accidents
    • If you are prone to reckless driving
    • During the Rally, you are not allowed to take over or cut off other cars
    • You are not allowed to drive on the shoulders of roads that might put you, other participants, and the public at risk
    • You need to comply with the City, County, State, and Country laws regarding driving. These include speed regulations, road laws, vehicle safety, and operation laws, vehicle registration laws, insurance laws, etc.
    • You must have a personal license for driving
    • You must rally with a unique, exotic car as per Corsa America Rally’s rules, and it must be a registered vehicle

How to attend a supercar rally?

To attend the Corsa America Rally or any supercar rally, all you have to do is visit the organizer’s website. You will find all the information you need to become a participant in the Rally. If you want to attend as a spectator, then again, go to the organizer’s website. You will find the dates and where the Rally is taking place. The system of public viewing will also be mentioned there.

Type of Car Races

Assetto Corsa Rally

As Corsa Rally can be expensive and out of the budget range for some of you, rest assured you can enjoy an equally luxurious experience through the video game called Assetto Corsa Rally.
This video game is a sim racing game created by Kunos Simulazioni – a video game developer. The purpose of the video game was to give the gamers an extraordinarily realistic experience of Corsa Rally. You can also customize it to your preferences.
Here is a list of the best car models in Assetto Corsa.

      • Citroën C2 S1600
      • Lancia Delta S4
      • Toyota Celica ST165 Gr. A
      • Renault Clio S1600
      • Lancia Fulvia 1.6 HF
      • Volkswagen Polo R WRC ‘15
      • Renault 5 Turbo Gr. 4
      • Renault Clio Gr. A
      • Ford Fiesta WRC ’16
      • Citroën DS3 WRC ‘15

      You can buy the Assetto Corsa video game for only $29.99 on amazon.

To Conclude

If you have always enjoyed watching car races, rallies, or even playing video games related to those fields, then Corsa rally is for you. The experience you will get from participating in a rally held by Corsa America Rally will be out of the world.