It is quite a dream for everyone to buy a premium SUV from the most known brands of cars.

Everyone wishes to purchase an Audi or a BMW once in their lifetime. But what do you do when your budget requires you to choose only one?

Two of the most updated and newest models of SUV are BMW X4 and Audi Q5. These two are the most popular models of SUV in recent times.

BMW X3 vs Audi Q5 can be an excellent debate for SUV buyers. So, which one has the best value for your money?

Why Purchase a Compact SUV?

Before understanding the detailed comparison of the two cars, we need to figure out why you should buy a compact SUV.

There are several practical benefits of getting an SUV.

SUVs can be the perfect vehicle if you intend to ride in challenging road conditions with snow, ice, rocks, and lots of bumps.

The car is comfortable, spacious, rough, and strong.

The two SUVs at a discussion here are compact.

As a result, they provide a sporty, sleek, and smaller look that perform just as well as any other larger SUVs.

However, such compact SUVs can provide the users with sporty sedan feelings.

BMW X3 and Audi Q5 are two luxury SUVs.

They are premium in quality and almost similar in their prices.

So, how do you choose the best one for you?

Here are 5 criteria that can assist you in making the best decision with your money.



The first thing you must consider is which car gives the most reliable performance to its money.

For example, BMW X3 vs Audi Q5 reliability can include the price, fuel economy, design, comfort, and overall power of the SUVs.

The base model of BMW X3 is $41,000, while Audi Q5 has a starting price of $41,500. This proves that the two vehicles are near your budget.

If you can afford the X3, you can definitely afford the Q5 with just a few hundred dollars more.

Fuel economy is another most significant consideration when buying a car.

Things can be slightly confusing for the two SUVs at a discussion here.

In cities, the Q5 has a mileage of 23mpg, whereas the X3 gives only one mpg lower than Q5.

On the other hand, the X3 provides better mileage on highways than the Q5.

The Audi Q5 has impressive horsepower.

Moreover, this car can adapt to changing road conditions remarkably.

Therefore, you can drive this car in icy and rocky conditions and take sharp turns.

On the other hand, the X3 has a lower horsepower.

This can make the car a little less comfortable to drive in harsher conditions.


BMW X3 vs Audi Q5 dimensions can make slight differences to your buying choice.

However, both cars are pretty similar in their weight, length, width, space, and other dimensional features.

The length of the Audi Q5 is a little less than BMW X3, where the first one is 4663 mm long and the second one is 4700 mm long.

Conversely, Audi Q5 is a little wider (1893mm) than BMW X3 (1891mm). Therefore, the overall space of the Audi Q5 is also more than BMW X3.

Audi Q5 is a total of 550L in boot space, while BMW X3 is 485L. This also makes Audi Q5 a much heavier car.

Both the car has 5 doors with 5 seating capacity.

However, the X3 has a higher turning radius when it comes to its wheels. BMW X3 has a minimum turning radius of 5.95mm, while Audi Q5’s minimum turning radius is 5.80mm.


You will probably be buying the SUV for your family.

Therefore, safety is an essential part of purchasing the best SUV within your budget. Both Audi and BMW are loaded with numerous safety features.

Like any other SUV, the BMW X3 has foglights, headlights, and rear-view cameras.

There is also park distance control at the front and rear side of the car.

In addition, BMW X3 includes adaptive break lights.

One of the best features is the system with an anti-theft alarm.

There is also a BMW Assist eCall system that includes features like SOS emergency calls.

Finally, BMW X3 features a warning from front collision installed in the Active Guard bundle.

On the other hand, Audi Q5 has a bundle of safety packages.

As a user, you first get to start and turn off the engine without any key.

Other features include a rear-view camera, Audi pre sense city, hill descent control, Audi drive select, and Audi pre sense essential.

If we compare the safety ratings of the two SUVs, the Q5 has a higher rating.

According to the Institute for Higher Safety (IIHS), Audi Q5 has a 5-star rating.

So the only concern about the car would be the headlights.

On the other hand, the X3 has a slightly lower rating due to its only “acceptable” child safety system.

However, BMW X3 has a lesser risk for rollovers.

Overall, both the SUVs are safe when it comes to modern safety measures and features relevant to a safe-driving system.

Audi Q5 vs BMW X3 Maintenance Cost

Audi Q5 vs BMW X3 Maintenance Cost

Just as the price, both Audi and BMW can be expensive to maintain on the road.

Although the BMW company provides its customers with complimentary scheduled maintenance, BMW cars are at the top of the list when it comes to maintenance costs.

On average, the BMW car can cost around 20,000 USD for maintenance for the first 10 years on the road.

This is higher than any other brand in the market. But, on the other hand, the maintenance costs for Audi are much less than for the X3.

However, it can be as high as $13,000 for the first 10 years on the road.

Which Has the Best Value

After some close speculation, it is time to figure out which one has the best value for your money.

On the one hand, the price of the two SUVs is quite similar. On the other hand, you may have to spend a little more on the Audi Q5.

Similarly, it can be safely said that the Q5 edges a little higher in terms of overall value than the BMW X3.

However, starting from reliability to safety and durability, the Q5 can yield the best value for your money. If you’re a racing lover then the BMW can be the best choice for you. There are so many types of races in the world and we can see the presence of BMW in many races.

Moreover, you will not have to spend extra money to install security and stylish features in the Q5, which you may have to in the X3.

However, BMW provides free maintenance at scheduled times for their customers. As a result, both vehicles can be a good choice for anyone intending to buy a compact yet powerful SUV.


In conclusion, the BMW X3 vs Audi Q5 debate can eat your head when deciding which SUV to purchase.

Regardless of the reliability, maintenance costs, safety, and car dimensions, both cars can be perfect for any customer.

However, Audi Q5 can be slightly better than the other car. So, in the end, it comes to your personal choice between Audi and BMW.