Car racing has been one of the most popular sports for decades. There are several types of car racing competition around the world. Banger racing is a widely famous and enthusiastic form of car racing.

The banger racing games are a unique kind of car racing competition. Instead of winning the race through actual racing and finishing the laps the quickest, the focus is more on crashing other opponent cars.

When you hear the idea, it may sound dangerous. However, there are specific banger racing rules that racers must follow.

A Brief Idea of Banger Car Racing

Banger racing motorsport popular in many countries like the UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland, and many others. The event takes place on dirt, tarmac, and chalk-covered tracks. The winner of the race usually finishes the chalk marked lap the fastest. However, it is allowed to tackle and damage opponent cars throughout the race. As a result, old scrap cars usually take place in such a racing competition.

The banger racing competition is a car-crushing formula. Whoever reaches the finish line first is filled with pride and joy. This is major because the car was capable of crushing other racing cars. The primary motivation of the competition is crushing and damaging the opponents’ cars. Therefore, several cars are severely damaged at the end of the race.

Since the competition involves some form of danger, there are some specific rules that the racers must follow. These rules make the racers eligible to enter the event. The banger racing rules are primarily applied to the type of car to take part in the race.

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Banger Racing Rules: 6 Things to Consider

Banger racing involves a significant amount of risk for the racers. As the competitors do not intend to avoid a collision, rules are set to minimize damage as much as possible. Colliding among the cars is a winning strategy for racing cars, which is allowed. Therefore, the race involves several rules and regulations regarding the type of cars that can enter the race.

Specific car eligibility to enter the race

Since the cars will be regularly colliding among themselves throughout the race, the vehicles must be specific. The only cars allowed to enter the race are full-sized cars. Preferably, four-door and v-6 cars. A racer with a supercharged or turbocharged vehicle cannot enter the event. In addition, the vehicles must be automated. This means that the gear changing system cannot be manual.

In case you have a slightly different car, you can still enter the race. For that, you will have to pass an inspection. There are several tests the organizers may do. One of them could involve a chassis dyno test. Some of the allowed cars that can enter the race are Pontiac: 1989-2003 Grand Prix, 1990-2004 Grand Am, 1987-2004 Bonneville. Oldsmobile: 1998-2002 Intrigue, 1988-1997 Cutlass Supreme, 1998-2004 Alero, Chrysler: 1993-2004 Concord, Ford: 1989-2004 Taurus, and others.

Engine specifications that must meet the requirement

After you complete the general car type matter, the car engine must meet the specific needs as well. The transmissions and machines must be completely stocked from air filer to oil pan. In case you want to modify your car, you must follow some very particular instructions.

You can remove some specific parts of the engine. These parts involve removing the emissions equipment, heating, ac components, or smog controls of the engine. You can also exclude any extra accessory belts and any other catalyst.

You can install some specific parts as well. This includes a straight pipe exhaust that exits only behind the driver. Since the car must be automatic, you can extend the life of the system. For that, you are allowed to install a single transmission cooler.

Modifications related to the car suspension/tires

When it comes to the components of the suspension, you cannot make any modifications at all. It is simply prohibited. The cars must stay at the stock ride height and must use shocks, stock OEM springs, and struts. The springs cannot be heated, cut, or made any other sort of alterations.

Your car cannot have excessive chambers. A carpenter will check the level surface. If your car is more or less an inch different than the level, you will not be able to enter the race. The wheels of your car should be steel or aluminum. The treadwear must be a minimum of 400 for DOT tires.

The body of your car

You might be tempted to shield your car’s body from all the collisions to mitigate damage. However, you cannot do anything you want to the body of your car. You can only install a safety cage around the body of your car. There cannot be any gutting, hood, or trunks. The only door that can be gutter is the driver’s door. However, this has to be with a 4-point cage and 4-point bar.

There cannot be any glasses. The glasses allowed to remain on the car are the windshield. You can also keep the wipers for protection against the rain. Removing the glasses also include removing any other sharp objects on the car’s body. The doors must be shut with a bolt, weld, or chain.

Rules regarding the race procedures

All the racing procedures are reserved by the organizing authority. The race is organized to maximize the entertainment and competitiveness of the viewers. There will be obstacles, inverted fields, wet conditions, and other significant specifications on the track.

Even though you are allowed to collide with other cars and damage them to some extent, this cannot be intentional. You cannot willingly hurt another driver or damage another car. Alcohol and any sort of drug consumption before and during the race are strictly prohibited. Finally, the champion driver is presented with a trophy but with no cash support for winning the race.

Safe Measures Related to Banger Car Racing

Along with the car modification rules, there are certain safety measures drivers must follow. These safety guides are as follows:

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      • It is recommended to have a 4-point roll cage surrounding the car.
      • It is required for your car to have a roll-over hoop. This hoop must be constructed with a pipe that’s size is ¾-inch.
      • Another thing required for your car is a 4-point safety harness in the best condition possible.
      • You can use an aluminum seat for the driver’s seat. You can also opt for a factory bucket seat.
      • It is a must to have a fire extinguisher inside the car.
      • The gas tank can be stoked, and there can be fuel cells inside the car engine.
      • The car cannot have any airbags. You either need to disable or remove them before the race.
      • Finally, it is mandatory to wear an auto-racing helmet to mitigate crash injury to your head. In addition, you should wear a fireproof suit, shoes, goggles, and gloves while racing.


Banger racing is an exhilarating, competitive, and risky competition. The winner may not get any amount of championship money. Still, the winning trophy brings about immense pride for the driver. As there are certain dangerous risks involved, a racer must follow the banger racing rules. Significantly, the safety measures must be abode by word by word.