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RoadRally events are hosted throughout the year and across the country. The goal is to create a unique series of fun car vacation events for exotic and luxury car owners throughout the season that bring together like-minded people and develop new friendships.


Amazing Driving

Ultimate driving experience! Exotic Car Rally event with 100 other like-minded SuperCar enthusiasts. The Revo Road Rally Journey begins with a pre-party and early morning launch event. Driving per day can range from 4-8 hours limited to destination logistics. Revo Road Rally Guarantees you will drive over 900 miles minimum on your smallest adventure!

Luggage Service

No need to carry your Luggage! Revo Road Rally knows that exotic sports cars have limited space. The Luggage Crew will Collect all the baggage every morning at a designated area and deliver your bags to the Hotel Bell Hop before your arrival.

Concierge Services

Forget Something at Home? Need That Last Minute Item? Maybe a Midnight Snack. The Revo Rally Concierge team will happily do their very best to assist you with every need to make you feel at home.

Great Dining &  Food

Incredible driving through various towns and cities! Experience multiple cultures and many types of different foods along the way. The Revo Rally team is always looking for fun, fast places to eat during drive times. However, the resort experience and nightlife are a whole other level of fantasy meets reality. Because we are Revo Rally, there is always a group dinner event planned in every town we visit. Therefore you never know what will end up on your plate.

Five Star Resorts

There is nothing more relaxing than spending quality time with your new-found Revo Rally friends & family. Enjoy drinks by the poolside, group outings, and adventures, not to mention after-hours fun.

Daily Auto Detailing

Complimentary Car Washes throughout the entire Revo Road Rally Event. No need to worry about getting the car dirty with our staff of certified auto detailers. They will keep your Exotic Cars looking shiny for the whole event. Revo Rally Sticker installation services will be available for an additional cost.


Put the pedal to the metal, just smash the gas, it’s Revo Rally don’t be an ass. 

We are going to the beaches we are going to the falls join us at our rallies, you can see the world.

Rolling through towns like a superstar, everyone is staring at your supercar!

Put the pedal to the metal just smash the gas it’s Revo Rally don’t be an ass. 

Getting hit by the radar, from near and far. The cops wanna pull over every Supercar. They’re trolling on the highways and lurking in the towns. Do they want to pull me over? Or Does He Want my Autograph?

Put the pedal to the metal just smash the gas it’s Revo Rally don’t be an ass. 

We are going to party all night and drive all day. That’s the Revo Rally Way. You may get a ticket, you may go to jail, don’t worry, we can help round up your bail. The rally is a family come and join in the fun. Bring your friend, bring your Cars and drive them like your a superstar.

Put the pedal to the metal just smash the gas it’s Revo Rally don’t be an ass.


Revo Rally swag, rewards & trophies. EXOTIC CAR DRIVING VACATIONS


  • What is included at Revo Rally
  • Revo Road Rally Fee includes
  • Revo Rally car entry. Accommodations for 1 Driver 1 Co-Pilot
  • Days Filled With Action Packed Ultimate Driving Adventures
  • Nights of Ultimate Fun in Luxury Resorts and Boutique Hotels
  • VIP Nightclub Entries
  • Pre-rally launch events with Open Bars
  • Plus other activities to be released.
  • Luggage / Concierge vehicle for overflow of carry-on baggage.
  • Revo Rally Car Decals.
  • Daily Car Washes
  • Nights Parties & Events
  • Photographers
  • Giveaways
  • Dinners With Adult Beverages
  • Revo Rally Chat Groups

What is not included:

  • Gas for your Rally car.
  • Walkie Talkies recommended
  • Food and beverages throughout the rally (unless otherwise provided by Revo Rally)
  • Car shipping available. Ask about it!
  • Airfare & transportation to and from the Revo Rally starting points or ending locations.






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 about Us

Exotic Car Rally Club traveling from one Five Star Location to the Next. Super Car owners enjoy a unique driving experience. Revo Road Rally prices included hotels plus Rally entry fee.  

Revo Rally Drivers

Revo Rally is designed to test the limits of your luxury sports vehicle. Driving a minimum of 500 miles per event can definitely have added stress on an exotic car. 


Contact :

Tommy Mover –

Benny Hanna –